Baseball Books for Kids or simply Baseball Books is a series of kids sports books containing both story books for kids and picture books for kids. These books are authored by a very experienced person in the field, who is also a renowned educator and speaker, Dr. Paul Mullen. According to Dr. Mullen, each child is unique in some way. He stresses upon the importance of dreams that we see in childhood. Dr. Mullen says that every child sees some dream, but those who nurture that dream over time and transform it into reality are rare; the benefits of realizing a dream in life are immense. He says that if we want our children to nurture a dream in life and to accomplish it, first we should make the children understand the importance of their dream and the benefits that are associated with realizing one’s dream in life.

Dr. Mullen has discovered a simple yet effective way to make the children realize the importance of their dreams and to inspire them towards realizing their dreams. That way constitutes the series of kids sports books that he named, “Baseball Books for Kids.” These books are available in simple text stories format as well as picture stories format. The stories published in these books are so interesting and engaging that children find it hard to resist them. These stories are not merely for entertainment, they imbue children with inspiration and motivation to determine their most important dream in life and to work with full might towards achieving it. Consequently, children develop crucial qualities like self-discipline, self-confidence, perseverance, and patience, which constitute the prerequisites for a happy and successful life.

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