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“Building character through America’s greatest pastime is what Fuji exemplifies. This is a story that young readers will certainly enjoy and relate to.” —Kim Nuxhall, Director of The Joe Nuxhall Character Education Fund

“This book fully captures the allure that is baseball and Great American Ball Park. It’s a fun and relevant story that fans of all ages can enjoy.” —Dann Stupp, Author, Opening Day at Great American Ball Park Co-author, Tom Browning’s Tales from the Reds Dugout

“Like a tied, seventh game of the World Series, this delightful story draws you to the very edge of your seat in anticipation of what might happen next. Bravo, Paul Mullen!” —John Erardi, Cincinnati sports writer and author of Opening Day: Celebrating Cincinnati’s Baseball Holiday

“I appreciate the story for its detail of a young boy coming-of-age as a player and as a person. The setting of Cincinnati and Great American Ball Park is, if I may say, perfect.” —Tom Browning, Cincinnati Reds 1984-1994

Fuji’s character seemed real, genuine, and alive. The baseball scenes were believable – often a difficult task for a novelist. —Tom Eckle, Editor of Spitball magazine & prestigious Casey Award for distinguished baseball books.

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