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A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish

A birthday wish is distinctive and special by its very nature. Sousa’s wish on her birthday, today, is to meet her imaginary friend and she hopes that her “Li’l Inkling” will grant the wishes of her fellow classmates. The journey full of magic, amazement and adventure commences when Li’I Inkling actually starts to fulfill children’s desires. You may become a part of this amazing journey by reading A BIRTHDAY WISH is one of enchanting picture books for kids.

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During my travels through Iowa, I crossed the bustling Iowa City and further traveled for approximately half-hour towards a small rural town where silos constituted the city’s tallest structures. I stepped into the old brick building that at one time served as the high school for students from the early 1900s; however later on it had been transformed into an elementary school for about 85 students. The gym that I spoke in still possessed the mechanical time clock that was seen in Hoosiers. An electrified bullhorn was the only thing that served as a sound system in it.

After my speech concluded, I enquired the small group of children about their dreams and aspirations. I received a variety of responses; some were quite interesting like “I want to become a princess,” “I want to become a farmer,” “I want to become a soldier” and so. However, the response from a young Hispanic girl aroused my curiosity. She raised her hand and when I asked her about her dream in life, she replied in a husky voice while wiping her tears, “What if I don’t have a dream, Dr.  Mullen?”

What inspired me to write A BIRTHDAY WISH, picture book for kids is the fact that irrespective of the status of their family, every child is offered a special birthday wish on the special occasion of his or her birthday. A BIRTHDAY WISH is a picture book for kids in the elementary grades that is intended to inculcate hope in children. Given below are some of the remarks from elementary grade children who reviewed this book:

Joshua – I think it’s cool because the girl never gave up.
Ashlee – I liked it because she made everyone else have a wish too.
Alex – It’s awesome because now I know what it’s like to have a wish come true.
Nate – I made a connection because one of my wishes came true too.
Aidan – I liked the book because I made a wish like Carl to be an army guy.
Mya – I liked the book because I like making birthday wishes.
Emma – It makes me feel imaginative because they were thinking of all different dreams.
Jacob Rigsby – I liked how Sousa was shy and sad and then she became happy.
Haleigh Baker – I would wish to be a mermaid like Georgia.
Tim Kidwell – I love how Cody became as strong as a soldier.
Isabel Klaric – My wish would be like Shayenne’s!
Christopher Creatura – Be careful what you wish for!
Riley Ross – I love how creative the pictures were.
Caitlyn Sullivan – I want new shoes like Connor.
Gwen McVicker – I wish my wishes could come true like they did in the book.

A BIRTHDAY WISH is a picture book that tells a heartening story about a little immigrant girl who is too timid to make a birthday wish. Her caring classmates and sympathetic teacher assist her in realizing the significance and value of wishes and dreams in life. All the young readers will identify a personal connection with Sousa and her classmates as they start believing in themselves and experience their dreams transforming into reality with picture books for kids .

Carol Stewart
Reading Specialist
Reading Hilltop Elementary School

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