It is reported that reading to children is critical to their verbal development from birth to age three. Children television reading programs are no substitute for active reading to children to improve vocabulary building skills. It is also reported that boys are typically one to two years behind girls in their verbal skills during their middle grade years. This is why it is crucial that middle grade boys from grades 5 through 8 are involved in structured reading–both fictional and nonfictional books.

My sports books are designed to actively engage middle grade readers in reading. It is easier for students to become engaged in books where he or she can place himself or herself directly in the story. This is why I have created local books for students who see their world from a local viewpoint. I invite you to review the articles I have included on how to increase literacy and I want you to know that as a former reading teacher that my books will help inspire your son / daughter or student how to develop a healthy/active inner voice via the fun/exciting stories I have included in each of my books about believing in greatness.

Top 10 Ways to get Kids Excited about Reading

Inspirational Student Dream Stories

Grim Statistics

In the press

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