A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish

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Sousa’s family has recently moved from Mexico to Los Angeles. Today is her birthday. To make her feel at home, Sousa’s teacher bakes her a birthday cake. Before blowing out the birthday candle, Sousa’s teacher asks her if she has a special birthday wish. But Sousa is too shy and too afraid to confess her birthday wish to the rest of her classmates. So Sousa’s teacher asks her classmates to tell Sousa their birthday wishes.
Then it is time for Sousa to blow out the birthday candle.Suddenly! Sousa’s teacher disappears. Sitting on Sousa’s shoulder is a strange character. Sousa informs her fellow students that she wished for her imaginary friend whom she calls “Li’l Inkling” to appear.  The students ask Sousa if her Li’l Inkling can make their birthday wishes come true, too. 

The fun and excitement begins and the students quickly learn that they must be careful what they wish for, for they soon discover what happens when birthday wishes come true.

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Li’l Inkling Maelo in Birthday Wish

Today is Sousa’s birthday. She is new to the United States and wants so much to make friends at school. So when her teacher tells her to make a wish and then blow her birthday candle out, Maelo, a Li’l Inkling, who is the keeper of birthday wishes suddenly appears on her shoulder. Sousa’s wish is to see her classmates’ birthday wishes come true. Maelo honors Sousa’s request. However, the students’ fairy-tale wishes lead to unanticipated consequences as they soon discover.

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