Ways to Improve Literacy

Kids become engaged readers when the materials they are reading come alive to them. When they can discuss the story among themselves and the story matters to them–something they can relate to in their own lives.

Dr. Mullen’s Top Ten Ways to Get Kids Excited About Reading

1. Show that you care! Read a young adult book that reflects the interest of the student or child, and gift wrap a fresh copy of the book and present it as a gift. Autograph the first page and write why you chose this book, including key excerpts that will offer inspirational advice to such a special child.

2. Get involved with your community! Create a sports-theme or historical-theme either through church, clubs, or sports-related activities. Have students read an autobiography of an important historical figure and at the meeting have the children dress up as their character of choice and re-enact the life of this celebrity in front of the group. The fun is in seeing who can guess who this important person is/was.

3. Take me out to the ball game! A sports editor who edited my book suggested this one. Go to your local major league ballpark or ice hockey arena, etc. and have your children or students read a similar sports-themed book while watching the live sporting event.

4. Get involved with literacy events! November 1st is Family Literacy Day. Have your children/students go to local schools and read books to the younger students at these schools. Don’t forget the elderly. Have your children read to grandparents on Sundays.

5. With freedom comes responsibility! Allow your child to stay up past his or her bedtime for free reading time. As a teacher, reward students by offering them a free pass to read a book in the library per the approval of the librarian.

6. Create a trivia game! From one of your favorite family-themed books write ten questions taken from the story. Have the children be the judges, so that way they have to read to ensure the answers are correct.

7. Children love video games! an animated skit reveals a cartoonish Great American Ball Park and the flash media re-enacts Fuji’s memorable dream debut. A professional sports announcer provides the live play-by-play for the event.

8. What kids say matters! Have kids read a book and type a book review in Amazon.com’s book reviews for the book. Kids just love to see their own words in print.

9. We loved doing this as kids! Write a screenplay from your favorite book. It can also be a parody or spoof and charge money for the live performance. We donated our coins to the Rosary Altar Society.

10. Kids just love to meet local celebrities! Sponsor a book fair and contact a local author in your community to offer a free book signing/speaking engagement.

The Day I Hit a Home Run is dedicated to inspiring the lives of children. Join our reading literacy cause by scheduling Dr. Mullen for your next school assembly. You can contact him at 513-290-2189 or email him at paul@thedayihitahomerun.com

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