Children’s Book Author Testimonials

As a children’s book author/speaker who inspires children to believe in dreams, I have often been told that I have one of the best jobs ever. During my children author school visits what helps to inspire me to sometimes live away from family and friends for months at a time is the feedback I receive from teachers/students about my children author school visits.

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Teacher Testimonials

I am a first grade teacher at Madison Elementary and I wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you for your time and the effort you put into motivating our students to strive to do their best. Your presentation was outstanding and it really hit home to our kiddos and their families.

I also wanted to thank you as an educator for the positive things you wrote in your blog about our teachers, students, and families here at Madison. It is always nice to hear encouraging words and I took them to heart. Keep up the good work Mr. Mullen!
Jo L. Walker
First Grade Teacher/Dean of Students
Madison Elementary School

I wanted to personally thank you for coming and speaking to our students. The students were very excited to meet you. It was an exciting opportunity for our students to meet an author that they could relate to since they were already familiar with the content. Students have been talking about it for days. What an exciting opportunity this was for our students. Thanks again for making the trip to Garton!
Jaynette Rittman
Garton Elementary
Des Moines, Iowa

Many thank yous, much appreciation and many blessings to you. Our day with you was rich and satisfying. Your journey resonates with me and has shone more light on the pathway my students have chosen. Keep in touch, and may your way be filled with enlightenment and wonder.
Dr. Joy Fowler
Department Chair
Cincinnati School for the Performing Arts

I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your phenomenal presentations & writing workshops for our students. Your message was timely and well received. Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise. It was a memorable day for all.
Connie Schneider
Superintendent Botkins Local School District

The students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The boys especially were quite thrilled with the baseball skits.
Sandy Chiampo
Souders Elementary

Dr. Paul Mullen did a terrific job at our annual statewide Reading Conference. He inspired teachers with new techniques and everyday strategies to encourage students to read more books. He had a standing room only crowd on the first day so we held him over a second day for an encore! He is considered a welcomed presenter at our conference. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Mullen.
Loretta Goff, Ph.D.
37th Annual Reading Conference
Mississippi Reading Association

I cannot even begin to imagine how many wonderful memories that you are creating here in Iowa. We are so extremely fortunate to have you here! :-)
Becky Pashek
Teacher Librarian
Walnut Hills Elementary

On behalf of the children of St. Joseph Orphanage, we wish to thank you for your kind donation of The Day I Hit a Home Run at Great American Ball Park books. We also want to thank you for your holiday presentation at our Altercrest facility on setting goals for the future for our students. Your contribution is much appreciated and demonstrates your support for our mission of serving abused and neglected children and their families. Thank you for your thoughtfulness,
Robert Wehr, Ph.D.
Executive Director

I heard you speak to the students at Marshall. It was great! I know that my students at Kramer Elementary will enjoy it. I will get you booked! I can’t wait to hear your story. I was sharing with some of the Marshall teachers that I worked in the visiting clubhouse as a clubbie, ball boy/bat boy for 5 years. It was 5 unforgettable years! I will be in touch with you. THANKS!
Jason Merz
Kramer Elementary
Achieving Excellence Together

I find your mission very heart warming as I have worked with struggling readers in Kindergarten through Second Grade for over twenty years.
Mrs. Marilyn Talbert
Reading Recovery/Title One Teacher

Student Testimonials

Dear Mr. Mullen and Gapper,
I really enjoyed you coming and talking to us about your book. Also talking to us about dreams was really kind of you. You also made it fun! Instead of giving us an hour long summary of your book you made it fun! Most authors bring their books in, give a long summary, then tell us about their inspiration without any fun! You did the complete opposite. First, you talked about your book, then we played shadow baseball (super fun!) After that you read the book while acting out the scene of Creeper and fishing at his pond. (super awesome!)

Not a boring presentation. Also, you made us laugh (really loud!) Your book was also really good. I am a girl so I liked that you snuck in a little bit of romance.

I hope you see more kids and inspire more people.
Madi Bear

When I received a big envelope in the mail I was very excited and opened it the minute I got it. What made the package even better was that in it was a certificate, gift card, and T-shirt stating that I had one 6th place in the state for my essay. In my reading class, which is the class I created this essay in, we usually have 4-5 essays throughout the year, and some of the topics I wasn’t so keen about. I was interested in the topic of The Day I Hit A Home Run essay, and I think that’s why I received not only an A+ on the project, but also the wonderful prize of 6th place.

The whole reason I’m sending this e-mail to you is because I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a participant in the contest, and for the prizes that I received. I’m in 7th grade now and the number of essays we are required to write has increased. If I was asked to write an essay for you again, I would answer yes, and this time have a goal of first place. Again, thank you very much.
Jen Neville

Thank you for coming to North Tama.
This is what I learned from you.
Do your best!
Reach for your dreams!
Enter college!
Are you ready to work hard?
Meet your dreams
Stretch out to your dreams
Poem by Emma

Thank you so much for coming to Batavia Middle School. I was very moved by your speech. You are a great role model. I had a lot of fun! My favorite part was about Creeper’s glass eye. Was it really real? – Casey Henize

Thank you so much for coming to Brookview Elementary. I had a great time. If it took you three years to write one paragraph, how long does it take you to write a book? – Joshua Robertson

Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your stories of your life. I was wondering if I could get your autograph? Please mail it to XXX. It seems to me that you are a very nice guy for traveling to so many schools and speaking to so many kids. Your two kids must be very proud of having a dad like you.

Thank you for coming to our school. I liked it when you had those students acting out those parts but I couldn’t see it because there were a lot of heads in my way. – Cassie (Your favorite fan)

Thank you for coming to Brubaker Elementary. I love the book. It is an inspiration to me. You’re the best author I’ve ever met. I was the one who held the door for you and you thanked me and shook my hand. – Dayjah

Thank you for sharing your stories with us at St. Thomas More. I think you are a really good man. I am sorry that your mom and dad died.
Your friend,

Thank you for coming to St. Thomas More. I liked the shadow baseball scene. Do you know anything about football?
Your friend,
George Steinmete

Dear Dr. Mullen/ESPN,
Thank you for the ESPN hat. It was so exciting to win it! I won it by showing the four PBS rules and being a good role model. Thanks again,
Jack Peers
Walnut Hills

Thank you for coming to our school. It was a pleasure to meet an author. Last year a guy with hula-hoops did some cool stunts with his daughter and the hula-hoops. I have no clue what hula-hoops have to do with us reading books. Please write back,
Hayley Cozac

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