About Dr Paul Mullen

In 2007, THE DAY I HIT A HOME RUN AT GREAT AMERICAN BALL PARK was published and the author is currently touring the United States and abroad promoting health and family literacy and teaching students how to become more effective readers.

Baseball Books for Kids

One of the best ways to get a student actively engaged in reading is to create a local baseball book for kids that a student can relate to. Kids remember the first time they stepped into a local MLB or minor league ballpark and saw their favorite player playing on real turf the game they love. This is why I have created local baseball books for local sports fans.


Why To Choose Baseball Books Series For Your Child?

Baseball Books for Kids or simply Baseball Books is a series of kids sports books containing both story books for kids and picture books for kids. These books are authored by a very experienced person in the field, who is also a renowned educator and speaker, Dr. Paul Mullen. According to Dr. Mullen, each […]

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The Benefits That Children Will Get By Reading Baseball Books

Baseball Books for Kids is a series of kids sports books authored by the renowned educator and speaker Dr. Paul Mullen. Dr. Mullen has always stressed on the importance for children to see dreams and to hold firmly to those dreams. According to Dr. Mullen, each child is unique in some way or the […]

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