Book Recommendations for Kids

Our picture books and sports books have been reviewed and recommended by kids at elementary, intermediate/middle and junior high schools. Organizations like the Young Adult Library Services Association and Reader Views for Kids recommend our sports books for students grades 3-8. Kim Nuxhall, director of the Character Education Fund recommends our books for kids and recommended reading for intermediate/middle and junior high students: “Building character through America’s greatest pastime is what Fuji exemplifies.”

I suggest you browse through the comments we’ve received from sports celebrities, book reviewers, teachers, and students who have read our quality, inspirational books for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. From New York Yankees fans to Reds fans to Texas Rangers fans, to Durham Bulls fans, these are the sports books and picture books recommended by kids/students of all ages. It is my goal to teach children through Fuji’s adventures what it will take them to succeed in life as Fuji learns on his way to getting his chance for greatness at local MLB and MiLB parks both nationally and internationally. After reviewing comments from students, if you have a favorite team in mind for my next baseball book email me.

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